Health kick

Laying in and getting a takeaway may sound like an ideal night in, but after that over-greasy feeling settles in, it doesn’t leave you feeling satisfied. There is usually something that pushes you to pounce up and say “today I’m going to make a change”. But whether it was a sluggish day that motivated you or just wanting to live a healthier life, at least you have the right mind set. My top tip would be to start off slow, don’t push yourself and then end up slacking off. Start off steady and create a routine, try going to the gym a few days a week, no need to rush into it. Don’t throw out all of you ‘unhealthy’ food, cut out some of your bad eating habits but don’t go and do the extreme, it will be hard to keep up with. Another top tip is to keep a diary, if you are monitoring your progress you will feel like you are achieving something because you will have a visual document of even the smallest changes. Make sure you don’t give up after the first hurdle, things may not be easy at the start but they get better, don’t just give it because it gets hard, it all pays off. DRINK MORE WATER, this helps you feel going from the inside out, clear skin, mind, body and soul

this was just a short post of tips and tricks to stay motivated


peace and love xo

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