Let it go

One thing that I always reinforce is happiness, you should always be the source of it. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the good that’s going on in your life when you have so many other things working against you, trust me I can relate. I’ve never been one to feel sorry for myself because I know things could always be worse. Try reinforce the things you love doing each day, start off small then build on them. LET all negativity go, let go of people who don’t see your worth, let go of baggage, let go of anger, sis just let it go. Anything worth having is worth working for, so work for what you want and if you don’t think it’s worth working for ‘LET IT GO’. Letting go isn’t easy but everything takes time, just remember your worth, your happiness and well being. People don’t realise holding onto bad energy has such an impact on your happiness, you end up harbouring bad energy that clearly doesn’t agree with you or it wouldn’t bring you down. Everyday try and start with reading positive affirmations to get you started, this along with reading books is something that’s works for me, I try to focus on my long term goals by setting up small ones that will help me reach my ideal big one. Keeping yourself busy with positive people around you who genuinely want to see you happy is the ultimate encouragement you need to help stay positive. At the end of the day you are you’re biggest fan, and once you realise that nothing can bring you down. Letting go can mean different things to different people, whatever it is just weight out the bads and goods of the situations your are in, as long as your treating others how you would like to be treated then you are doing no harm. Lastly, what comes along with letting go is venting. If you’re not ready to vent or don’t open up to a lot of people, try writing in a journal, it let’s your thoughts out but at the same time you don’t have to expose your feelings if you’re not ready. Hopefully this is something that at least one of you could relate to or appreciated reading, don’t forget to push through and keep shining.

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