MENTAL HEALTH: mini series

One in four people in the world are affected by mental health issues. This subject is one that is really close to my heart, and I believe it is so important to realise what some people may be going through. I have created this mini series to educate, help and support others as well as myself by sharing their experiences. Each week there will be a new post from people who have suffered from mental health issues who are willing to share their stories. I’m hoping by giving giving some insight about what is going through the minds of others and how they deal with their situations will help at least one person. I decided to do this project because of the misunderstanding and misconception on mental health, some people don’t believe it can happen to them but it can hit you at any moment at any time.
A lot of time people can’t relate because they don’t understand what it feels like to not have a support system or have your thoughts completely take over your mind to the point your question your role on this earth. I just hope that everything you read in this series is done with a open heart of understanding and compassion. Take some knowledge away with you once you do read these stories and use this to spread awareness. Dealing with anxiety myself I understand how hard it can be when you feel like you don’t have a constant support system and uncontrollable panic attacks, but things don’t always have to be like that. Feeling better (for me) starts with working on yourself and accepting/letting go of things, because sometimes the biggest emotional trigger is thinking of past events. Sometimes all you need is one person who can understand or even empathise with you. In this series there are personal stories for all kinds of situations you may be going through, so I hope that you can support this movement and remember I’m always here to talk.

This series will be weekly, starting with the first instalment next week. A big thank you to everyone for the love and support that you have shown me with the projects I’ve been doing, it hasn’t gone unnoticed

Thank you

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