Does this offend you too?

Does my name offend you?
No you can not alter my name, I’m sorry you are unable to ask how to pronounce things and immediately ask to call me a nickname, I’m sure you are somewhat educated and able to pronounce new things

Does my hair offend you?
No you can not touch it out of curiosity because it’s fascinating, no I am not an animal in a zoo to hover over.
While we’re on the subject, no I will not tame my natural hair that grows out of my head because it is intimidating you, many girls come to work with their straight hair damp and you seem to have no problem with that.

Does my history offend you?
No you can not sing along to your favourite Kanye song and say nigga because you have a token black friend. I might as well address this too because you can’t get enough of this question, NO, not all black people can twerk, satisfied?

Does my skin offend you?
No you can not say I’m ‘pretty for a black girl’ and expect me.. a queen to take that as a compliment, because in theory you’re saying majority of black people are unattractive.

Point being POC are targeted daily (especially in the workplace) by ignorant racist comments, and we are expected to brush it off and if we don’t we are labelled as being aggressive, well sorry if I don’t like to be asked about my feelings on the N word and how everyone or no one should say it because it isn’t ‘fair’ while I’m folding t-shirts. There is a double standard for everything and people get away with making unjustified and frankly unnecessary statements that shouldn’t be remotely mentioned. You become ignorant when you speak on something you have no knowledge on then you proceed to racism when you are unbothered to educate yourself, so don’t tell me I’m overreacting when you ask me what happened to tradition British names like Amy and Lucy ask yourself what happened to your intelligence as you clearly can not be bothered to ask how to pronounce mine.

Don’t tell me you have Black friends so you can’t be racist or your ‘black friends let you say the N word all the time, because I am not that friend. Educate yourself, don’t be the problem, help to become the solution.
This is not to humiliate, it’s to educate. I’ve experienced many of these things first hand so you can’t tell me this doesn’t happen, this is just a short blog post to help enlighten you to things you may not be aware of but now that you know there is no excuse.

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