Wise words with Monae

Hey guys, today’s post is something short and sweet, a segment I’m introducing to my blog, wise words with Monae, here to provide weekly motivation

starting a new chapter can be hard, especially when you have to forgive people, but don’t forget forgiving people isn’t for their benefit, it’s for you to heal. I’m a very spiritual person so I believe being in tune with your being can allow you to overcome any situation. I love when I can get a little personally on a post because it’s not always often, but I’ve personally had to deal with ups and downs this year and frankly one of the worst years I’ve had. Bearing that in mind I always remember things get bad before they get good so I never stop pushing and working hard, let your passion drive you, set yourself a goal allow yourself time to complete it without worrying about the pace of someone else’s success. NEVER compare yourself to anyone else or let anyone’s thoughts about you bring you down, everyone has their sole purpose and it’s your job to find that. So don’t be scared to try new things until you’ve found it. Most importantly do the things that you can look back on in life and feel fulfilled, laugh, love, travel, do something you’re afraid of, just don’t be afraid to.. live.

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