A letter from Danny

These are not my views, the short following letter is from Danny expressing feelings he wanted to get off of his chest. This is what he wanted to share in participation with bringing to light people dealing with their mental health   Not a lot of people can relate to feeling alone in a room … Continue reading A letter from Danny

Ella’s Story

The following story is from Ella sharing her person experiences of dealing with anxiety and depression To be honest, I didn't know what I was going through was a mix of anxiety and depression. I thought that was just the way I was. I didn't like getting up and going out and building my dreams, … Continue reading Ella’s Story

MENTAL HEALTH: mini series

One in four people in the world are affected by mental health issues. This subject is one that is really close to my heart, and I believe it is so important to realise what some people may be going through. I have created this mini series to educate, help and support others as well as … Continue reading MENTAL HEALTH: mini series