Finding your path

Everyone has a different idea of what finding your path means, but I want to share the steps I have taken to focus on doing the things I love A little bit of motivation never hurts, so think about the things that you're passionate about and one by one try and do all of them. … Continue reading Finding your path

Embrace your Sexuality

The awkward sexual tension, the overwhelming pleasure, that satisfying release, everyone craves it. So, why is it taboo for women to talk about it? In a world where double standards are the norm, award winning sex blogger, Dami Olonisakin is breaking boundaries as social medias favourite agony aunt. 2015 Cosmopolitan sex and relationship blog winner … Continue reading Embrace your Sexuality

Life paths: Girl talk

There comes a time in your life when you realise certain friendships are not healthy. Let's get things clear, not everyone has to be your friend, sometimes you just grow apart and that's fine. I always hear 'you've changed'.. well yeah, I don't plan on being the same person today I was a year ago, … Continue reading Life paths: Girl talk

September Favouites

My favourite thing to do is try out new makeup, so when I was sent these amazing products by SinmisBeautique I couldn't wait to try them. My favourite thing about their makeup is that it's all suitable for women of colour, it truly compliments every skin tone literally making you glow Now let's talk mink … Continue reading September Favouites

Cooking with Mina

For a while now I've opted out of takeaways and adapted a healthier balanced diet, along with eating better and working out. The only meat I eat is seafood and white meat which has helped the dieting process. While doing this I actually discovered that I quite like cooking, so I thought why not share … Continue reading Cooking with Mina